Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

There’s something about yogurt that makes it the perfect food, especially for breakfast.

yogurt makerIt’s so versatile with fruit or granola, it’s convenient, and it’s great for you. However, with so much discussion about yogurts being high in sugar or containing GMO’s, it’s hard to know if the yogurt you love is actually loving you back. 


At Main Course, we’ve found the perfect solution: the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker. This little dynamo of a kitchen gadget allows you to make your own yogurt — including Greek yogurt and yogurt cheese. Is it quick? Yep — the entire process takes between six and ten hours. Is it as convenient? Absolutely — the timer on the side of the unit marks time so you’ll know when your yogurt will be finished cooking so you can plan around it. 


It’s reasonably priced at $60, it’s BPA free, and it has a three-year warranty. Another model the Main Course offers has glass jars and it makes the yogurt in the jars.  We also carry yogurt strainers so you can make your own Greek yogurt … So the only other item you’ll need is a great group of yogurt recipes! Check out this blog on fruit-flavored yogurts to get your creative yogurt-making juices flowing!

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