What is a Mandoline?

Have you ever wondered how they get those perfect little cubed vegetables at restaurants?

That’s right. They use a “mandoline”, a cooking utensil for slicing and cutting juliennes and often crinkle-cuts.  All you do is carefully slide the foods you’d like to cut along the adjustable surface, and Voila, the mandoline slices it and lets it fall.  It also can slice, waffle cut, crinkle cut and dice firm vegetables and fruits.

Mandolines provide a wonderful alternative to “doing it by hand” and easily turns fruits and vegetables into uniform slices, or julienne sticks of almost any thickness and size with speed and precision. It’s safer to use than a handheld slicer because it has legs for added stability. And don’t forget the mandoline’s inimitable talent: crinkle and waffle cuts. 

Here are the different mandolines we carry at the Main Course:

Kyocera adjustable slicer:  Slices only, but easily adjustable to 4 different thicknesses.  Easy to use and was the darling of my demo at the Ephraim Moravian Church Women’s group this spring… Dubbed “the no-setup-mandoline”.  Ceramic blade that is razor sharp. 
DeBuyer Kobra:  Slices.  Offers superior performance with tomatoes and the depth adjustment knob gives you continuous adjustability.  
OXO V Blade:  Slices & Juliennes.  Four blades and a simple height adjuster make straight slices, crinkle cuts, French fries and julienne strips in a variety of thicknesses.
Borner V-Power: Slices, juliennes, dices.
DeBuyer Ultra: Slices, juliennes, cubes and even makes diamond shaped “cubes”.

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